The Lunar Curriculum is a whole school curriculum which has been created by staff, pupils and parents at St Mary and St Thomas; it is a pedagogical approach that builds upon pupils' interests to inspire learning. This curriculum is underpinned by a set of non-negotiables based upon key knowledge and skills that will be taught to the pupils at agreed stages. At the heart of the Lunar curriculum, is the requirement that pupils have to do something with their learning rather than just learn about something, it therefore makes learning active and authentic. Its focus is almost entirely on the ability to develop pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding so that they leave school with skills that they will take to secondary school and beyond in their working life. Below you will find the aims and principles of the Lunar Curriculum.

Curriculum Aims:

  • Develop Life-skills which promote a love of learning
  • Grow an Understanding of ourselves, each other and the world
  • Nurture curiosity and creativity which feed the imagination
  • Cultivate Aspiration through motivation and self-belief
  • Instil Resilience, independence and other personal attributes

Curriculum Principles:

  • In line with Mastery Learning, we will focus on depth before breadth in every subject area so that pupils can attain proficiency and study the curriculum with confidence
  • Teach pupils Personal Learning and Thinking Skills so that they become successful and motivated learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens
  • Cultivate Collaborative Learning so that pupils develop social skills, practise interacting with others and enjoy learning
  • Endorse high-quality Project-Based Learning so that pupils are motivated by real purposes and real audiences and beautiful work is created
  • Promote Feedback which allows pupils time to engage, reflect and review including peer and self-evaluation so that they are capable of improving their own learning
  • Ensure that Oracy is at the heart of the curriculum so that our pupils are able to express themselves fluently, grammatically and confidently
  • Develop Social and Emotional Learning so that our pupils are self-aware, foster positive relationships and achieve personal wellbeing
  • Participate in The Arts so that our pupils develop artistically and creatively
  • Provide an Experience-Rich Curriculum so that our pupils can pursue personal interests and talents
  • Digital Technology is used effectively and creatively so that pupils are digitally fluent and equipped for life in the 21st Century
  • Enable our pupils to Demonstrate Learning in Different Ways not always pages in an exercise book but photographs, posters, products, presentations and performances
  • Foster a Growth Mindset in our pupils so that they have the strength of character to persevere


The purpose of the Lunar Curriculum is to equip pupils with a set of relevant personal, learning and thinking skills needed for success in learning and life. The Lunar Curriculum will focus upon the skills below:

  • Independent enquirers
  • Creative thinkers
  • reflective learners
  • Team workers
  • Self-managers
  • Effective participators and communicators

What does the Lunar Curriculum look like?

  • English, Maths, Science, Music, MFL and Computing are taught discreetly in line with our aims and principles however cross curricular links are explicit, ensuring that pupils are able to make connections with the real world
  • PE is delivered twice weekly, sometimes taught by a specialist sports coach
  • Art and Design is taught through the study of an artist
  • Other foundation subjects are taught through topics and themes referred to as ‘Launchpads into Learning’
  • Lesson sequences are not set in stone and the direction of travel is determined by continual assessment, feedback and the needs and interests of the pupils
  • Launchpads into Learning are flexible and not always time framed. Likewise, although there is a broad overview of Launchpads, teachers can capitalise on current affairs and significant worldwide events to capture pupils' interest and create different Launchpads where appropriate
  • Classrooms are a busy and constructive place of learning with working walls which display pupil’s current learning and work in progress
For additional information about our curriculum, contact the school office and request a copy of The Lunar Curriculum Handbook