All classes have an act of worship every day, but these follow a distinct pattern throughout the week and year.

During the year we visit the church to celebrate:

  • Harvest - which is led by Year 2 at St Thomas’ Church
  • Christmas - which is led by Year 6 at St Thomas’ Church
  • Ash Wednesday - which is led by Year 5 at St Thomas’ Church
  • Easter - which is led by Year 4 at St Thomas’ Church
  • Ascension - Day which is led by Year 3 at Parish Church

In addition to participating in these acts of worship, each class will lead an act of worship for their parents and the rest of the school in school.

During the week, school worship follows a clear pattern although in the event of both local and national events we will modify the weekly worship pattern.

Monday - Class-based worship
Tuesday - Class-based worship
Wednesday - Whole school musical worship
Thursday - Whole school clergy worship
Friday - Celebration worship

We also celebrate a school Eucharist three times a year, in the autumn (Years 5 and 6 only), in the spring (Key Stage 2 only) and in the summer (Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2).

We encourage the children to take an active part in all worship: they are encouraged to write and say prayers; help to evaluate and assess worship on a monthly basis, recording their feelings and opinions about the worship they have taken part in; help set out the hall for worship; control the music and computer used for projection of hymns etc.

The worship themes are discussed with the Governor responsible for worship and a member of the local clergy. These are then set out at the beginning of the year and reflect the Christian values of the school.

Our worship themes at St Mary and St Thomas are based upon six Christian Values:

  • Hope
  • Compassion
  • Thankfulness
  • Forgiveness
  • Joy
  • Perseverance

Both contemporary and Bible stories, which emphasise our chosen Christian values, are used to make the worship exciting and interesting. Throughout Year 6, children plan and deliver worship once a week. We also welcome different speakers at other times throughout the year who help to broaden the worship experience of the children.

Recognising other faiths

Some of our children are from other faiths, we have a small but significant number of Muslim children. All children take part in worship and we recognise all faiths and enjoy celebrating different faiths, special festivals and making links wherever possible between different faiths.