Pupil Leadership

Article 12

Every Child has the right to give their opinion and for an adult to listen and take it seriously

School Council

Two members are voted in from Years 2-6 to become part of our School Council through a whole school ballot. The School Council work on priorities for the year and spend lots of time listening to other pupils about how we can improve our school.

School councillors also support The Wellbeing Team, interviewing peers for positions of responsibility in school such as Wellbeing Ambassadors.

Wellbeing Ambassadors

Pupils are trained to support their peers and are there to listen and signpost pupils to further support. They are supported by the Wellbeing Team in their role. The children apply for the position of a Wellbeing Ambassadors by completing a job application form, if they are shortlisted they are then invited to an interview and once appointed undergo a training programme with The Wellbeing Team.

Respecting Rights Steering Group

A steering group consisting of 4 pupils known as Respecting Rights School Ambassadors, staff and governors has been set up to drive the Respecting Rights School Project. This group ensures UNICEF’s Rights of the Child are explicit within school and our community because EVERY CHILD in the world has one thing in common THEIR RIGHTs. Click here for more information on UNICEF/RRSA

Young Carers Group

This is a support Group for children identified as Young Carers supervised by the Wellbeing Team. They are able to discuss worries, concerns, feelings and go somewhere where they can be listened to and socialise with a mixed aged group of children in similar caring roles and are able to offer each other peer support. It is led by the pupils in respect of initiatives they wish to pursue such as transition support to High School whereby the pupils produced their own transition booklet to discuss with their new High School staff. Click here to see more on Young Carers.

Pupil Voice Forum

These are forums held with a mixed aged and ability group of children led by the Wellbeing Team discussing a variety of issues whereby school wish to see the child’s voice enhanced. This group changes over time to allow a broad selection of pupils to have a voice on important matters. They will be involved in consultation, writing policies and producing child friendly guidance leaflets.

Activity Play Leaders

Pupils apply for the role of an Activity Leader and undergo a training programme with our Sports Coach. They are rota’d on the playground and are responsible for providing sports and activities to children in a positive, enthusiastic manner. They need to understand a wide range of sports and be able to promote and organise themselves ensuring they have all the relevant equipment for the day. They are also asked to inform staff if equipment becomes damage or lost and are given the responsibility of auditing, budgeting and placing an order with the PE Coordinator for replacement resources.

Mini Police

The Mini Police project within Merseyside Police is a fun and interactive volunteering opportunity for 9 to 11-year-old children. The Mini Police support the force priorities, through participation in community engagement events. Those involved can look forward to developing a confident voice through enjoyable experiences.

Children who become part of the programme help to tackle local issues, as highlighted by their own communities. By assisting the police service, they also carry that ownership and pride back into the community they live in.

Archie Award

The ‘Archie’ Award is part of The Young Leaders Award which is a unique active citizenship programme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills at the same time. It is designed to form part of the school curriculum and offers an exciting opportunity for young people to engage in new learning experiences, discover the benefits of volunteering, and grow in leadership, character, and key life skills. All pupils in Y4 take part in this award.

Reading Buddies

Within school we have a reading buddies programme which involves an older pupil reading with a younger pupil throughout the academic year. This is designed to share and promote a love of reading but also to give our older pupils (who are more fluent readers), the opportunity to share some of their knowledge and experience with younger pupils and to help them develop their reading skills. The pupils thoroughly enjoy working together and it helps to develop pupils’ confidence and relationships throughout school.